Saturday, 14 March 2015

Me & My Turtle! - #together

I remember that day well, me and my turtle spent countless of hours together. Through his silence he conveyed me the meaning of life. Through his voice, I could look inside and find my deepest desires hidden somewhere.

He started talking to me, he said, “There are times in everyone’s life when you feel down, when you feel low, and when nothing seems to be alright. These times are there, to test your ability, to test your potential and to see how much can you take and keep moving forward. Yes, for sure you see darkness all over but remember, these tough times are there to make you realize that after each night – there is a definite morning ahead.”

I replied in silence.

I remember that time very well, I was not performing well in my grades. The graphical representation of my marks had taken a steep fall, and I was falling even steeper. I didn't know how to escape this well of darkness, neither did I know, how to overcome these tough times.

If I can look back at one saviour who came to my rescue: It was my turtle. He, just like the previous time, was speaking to me again.

I suppose, everyone goes through a phase when they cannot sustain, or endure difficulties, perhaps because they reach their potential to provide resistance to their problems. I was weak, and with each passing day, was getting weaker.

I used to talk to my turtle each day, and he listened to me, patiently.

I said to him that day, “The reason behind was my new found love – Video games. I always believed and held a conviction that a particular thing can affect you only if you allow it to. Then how, whenever I looked in mirror, I blamed myself for this loss of concentration or the declination towards education.”

It was a difficult phase for me, where the victim and the offender were the same person. The one looking back at me in the mirror. But I believed, that after this long night of endurance filled with darkness, so intense, that it almost blinds me, is a morning awaiting my victory.

The turtle, through his intense silence, conveyed words which were only comprehended by my soul and it reflected in days to come.

It started slowly, much like how an old man takes every step with conscious, because he knows that falter in any step might be dangerous to his life, and the situation was same for me. I started getting back on track, I started ignoring all the new releases of games. I started to concentrate back on those textbooks rather than virtual reality.

It took time, as they say, “Habits die hard”. But it did happen slowly and steadily, the derailed train seemed to come back to its track. The engine which had stopped due to procrastination seemed alive again. Eventually I was able to look in the mirror once again and through that, pass a smile to myself.
My conversations with him, grew longer and longer. My knowledge, a step ahead. He had all the solutions to my problems.

The difference between the victim and the offender seemed to disappear now. I seemed, fresh like morning rays, spreading all over the skies. I wanted to fly once again, in those open skies. I wanted to prove my worth, and I wanted to answer everyone’s doubt, apprehension with my skills.
He told me that it takes courage to take the first step, while hard work to maintain the walk. He was, perhaps most right.

One of the biggest positives I took from that phase of my life, was to realize that the darkest hour of the night is just before the dawn. And what my turtle taught me, was that silence is golden.


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