Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Happy Nights - Bedtime Rituals!

There are too many things to start with – Having a baby not only entrusts you with a loads of responsibilities but also the determination to provide the best for your little dear precious life. If it’s the first time that you have been a parent – for sure it turns out to be difficult, with handling things, learning to understand his/her signals because they can’t speak, they can’t tell you about their certain needs, certain requirements. It is with time and practice that you understand his daily needs and form a pattern of his cries for his various requirement. One such situation is his Bedtime – when you try to make him most comfortable, so that we can have a peaceful night after an adventurous day out, learning new things about life.

For everyone reading this, there are some tips to follow to make your child feel most comfortable, and some of the tips which has made my little one best in his most needed resting time!
Make sure he has eaten properly before he sleeps off. You wouldn't want to him wake-up in the middle of the night crying and you pondering over the thing. To make sure he has eaten properly, is one of the major part of this good night’s long sleep! He won’t be waking up then, making you wonder what on earth has been left incomplete.

Each child has a different pattern, different set of requirement and different wishes to reach their summit of comfort ability. You need to spend some nights being awake to finally comprehend what he/she requires, of course, just like any other work – you need to work towards your child’s upbringing.

Make sure he is quite comfortable during the whole duration of night – by making him sure, and dry with pampers. Yes, it is one of the most uncomfortable things for you and the child to realize that he has already wet his bed, 2-3 times by the middle of the night. You really need to decipher that in his cries.

There are other ways too, for some parents like reading a book or a short story to their little ones because scientifically it has been proven that such activities daily help your child’s brain growth faster and helps him learn new and different things. It is also useful in long run.

Singing a lullaby to your child has been going through countless ages – it sure has its plus points. Just like reading a book, or singing a song to him, singing a lullaby helps him develop his brain functioning as well as proven to be comforting and soothing. It triggers a goodnight’s sleep and a deep one. And this is something you will definitely opt for.

Other than that, you can try various techniques like a proper sponge bath before sleeping, or watching some cartoon or just having a stroll with him/her in the park, so that the surrounding sooth the child.  

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Tanishq Sharma


  1. Reading this post actually made me feel like an experienced parent was advising :D
    Jokes apart, it seems you have done a good lot of research or else you have someone in the family with a tiny tot. Whatever it is, you have written a very nice post :)

    1. Haha, thanks. I have my real sister, who is nine years younger to me, hence ;)

      Anyways, this is my commercial blog - do take out time to visit my original blog : Captive Of Thoughts - google it :)