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Emotions Of Singapore - Food!

Eating food is a delight, but eating Singaporean food is an extreme emotion of heaven.

I say this for a fact, that every time I have visited the island country, I have had the enjoyment, relaxation and a journey filled with the vivid description of taste. Yes, that's Singapore for you.

Be it, it's Laksa, a dish made in a spicy coconut broth, containing ever-so delicious Singaporean noodles, or the morning ritual based - Kaya toast, everything marks its own beauty filled with joys to your taste-buds. I have been there couple of times, and there is a truth when I say that on the last trip, all I required and wanted was - Their food. Yes, its true - I remember my last trip to Singapore. I woke up with Hainanese Chicken Rice, spent my afternoons luxuriating with Rojak, evenings hung around Nasi Lekam, and nights only succeeded my favorite Char Kway Teow

Heard of Seventh Heaven? Its right here!

There is a reason to why Char Kway Teow seems to be Numero Uno on my list.
I'll tell you along, why this seems to be a delight never heard of!


  • It has an amazing history coming from a background of farmers, fisheries and a mix of everything. The dish was actually formed by a mix and match up of farmers and fisherman who used to double up all the things, and leftovers to prepare themselves a complete dish and dinner.
  • Char Kway Teow translates closely to "Stir Fried Rice Cake Noodles" and is made same as the name suggests - by stirring up the rice, noodles in different types of sauces, ranging from soya sauce to vinegar of all types. Shrimp paste, tamarinds, and Chinese sausages play a major role in the development of the taste.
  • Coming form the early times, the dish is now prepared in varieties of ways, one such is increasing the quantity and qualities of vegetables put in the recipe. The stirring is done in variety of sauces, and the noodles push forward a bar on its own.
  • It was not only a fulfillment for people who could not afford the stylish decorations, but also a resource of nutrients and energy at a much cheaper rate. 
First you eat with your eyes, then with mouth! So True!

The Dish!

  • There is a reason to why its a delight - Its taste, and a mash up of everything which ultimately blends in your mouth, giving you a delicious experience.
  • It is a spicy dish with main ingredients being flat noodles, rice cakes, and some meat which depends on particular variations.
  • With the quality and the quality offered by Singaporean cuisine, it becomes difficult to keep your belly quite, and moreover, keeping your taste-buds away from so-many variations of your favorite dish.
  • One of the points which make me love this dish, is its considerable spiciness. The sauces take away all the dryness of meat, and serve up beautifully all through the noodles, and all over the dish.
  • The rice cakes indulge in them, a beautiful experience of softness yet a blend of perfect crust.
  • Having a Char Kway Teon is completely a different experience in different places in Singapore.  Each restaurant tries to blend some different mix in the flavor keeping the basics consistent. 
The awesomeness of the dish remains constant with variations!


Don't we all just love when we have so many options to try? Yes, we do. And with the awesomeness and flavoring of this dish - it also lets you add thousands of variations to it. As mentioned previously, I have had an opportunity to try couple of varieties. Let me mention, how all they performed! 

  • Of some which I have tried, the one which I have luxuriated the most happens to be Penang Style. In-fact, Penang style is a trademark to Singaporean Cuisine.
  • All over Singapore, ranging from stall eateries to the luxurious places - there are stark resemblance of the base element but a discrete difference in the toppings of the dish.
  • Then again, if you want to witness the pure Singaporean taste, try having the spree at the hawker selling food!
    They are one of the best places to taste all the chits and chatter of spices, and recipes.

Things That Go Well Together!

  • Now speaking of things that complement that taste, well Singaporean Cuisine can be a synonymous of variety.
  • Talk about Pratas or Cendol or Fish head curry! - These are some of the most delicious things to complete your Singaporean Delight!
  • There are lot many things to cherish while you are there!
  • Heard of Grandma's delight? Singapore is very much like that.

Kaya Toast!

Isn't It Delicious?
You can start your day fresh, healthy and in a way like no other! With Singaporean Milky tea in one hand and Kaya toast in another - You can just set the tone of your day. It is mostly eaten in breakfasts, though our hearts don't see the time at all. The reason I love it - Its light yet of good capacity. 

The biggest plus? Goes well with caffeine lovers!

Roti Prata!

Much to the delight of Asians, Singaporean Cuisine does add a pancake-like flat bread to en-tune them again in a typical style of eateries. It is also known as roti canai in Malaysia. It serves up as an amazing desert, only if you have some space left down there! If there is one thing I would say, I'd say its beautiful.


There are times when you
can't take eyes off them!

Yes, a beautiful name, and a beautiful taste. This delight, in course of time has been a signature Singaporean Dish! It even has its own festival which goes by the name - Moon-cake Festival! Pretty isn't it? 

Look at the delightful shape and I fondly remember the last time I tasted it, I can't forget that sweetness!


I won't let you go without seeing the delights with your own eyes, and of course my expressions on them!

So see them all!
And if you wish to create your own-Visit Meme | Takeaway

They say love is hard to fine, I dare you to taste Singaporean food!


Loved cherishing the food by Singaporeans? It might very well be the time to visit them.

But, until you can - Here is where you can find more about their food, and taste that you can cherish your whole life :D

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