Monday, 23 March 2015

A Perfect Companion!

There are people who dream at night, in their deep sleep, and then there are people who do not sleep, until their dreams become reality. I too, have a dream to start new, an adventure filled journey to make my name at the highest levels of success - and to often achieve success, we need a perfect start, we need a perfect partner to start with and someone on whom we can absolutely rely.
When I got my Moto E

Here is me today, telling you how in pursuit of becoming an Entrepreneur, I choose Moto E to be a perfect companion!

There are things, being an entrepreneur one must do, to be successful in their work! On such countless occasions, having a companion which is faster, multitasking and long lasting happens to be the best solution.

It was not long before I entered in this field that I realized I needed that perfect companion as soon as possible - and it not before looking through countless options that I stumbled upon Moto E, and realized that there lies my success!
There were tons of features which matched the criterion that I was looking for! I'll be telling you all of those features which made me start with Moto E and also made it the perfect start!

Entrepreneurship demands a style!

When you step into a field which demands you to put an impression on your peers and at the same time, leave an impression which is long lasting - in terms of performance, or in terms of your working tools - It highly benefits you. And as a result, my working tool Moto E did half the work for me. It didn't require much efforts, or doing some mystical tasks to capture my peers' attention!

And there is one thing for certain, you tend to get appraisals for your choice of quality! After all, you chose what the world thinks is right!

Entrepreneurship demands to be connected to everyone 24/7

With strong hardware capacities and a battery life fairly over a day in a single charge - I know that I will be connected to all my clients, meeting catch ups, friends and bosses all the time. Now no more hassles of keeping someone on hold in order to get things done. Its all easy - With conference calling, support of latest android applications and more - Moto E marks an easy path for me.

You see? Its all easy when you have power in your hands and Moto E backing your side with its ultimate strength.

Entrepreneurship demands toughness!

How better could it be? With Corning Gorilla Glass 3, it not only provides a strength to my frame work, but also a fearless working experience in tough conditions. After all, to be successful in some task, you got to have some amazing endurance.

Just Another Day with Moto E!

Entrepreneurship demands to capture right moments!

With 5MP primary camera, and a secondary camera - I am pretty sure not to miss any moments of my life. This makes it an even amazing companion, provided the auto-focus, panorama, HDR and many amazing features!



From some amazing technology in hands, with the latest Android Lollipop and ever so amazing hardware featured with strong physical features - Moto E can be the perfect start to your professional life. It gives you accessibility in various fields as mentioned above, and can be the premium podium, that would set you off to a perfect start!



Note: All the comic strips are my original product. Tanishq Sharma - PixelatedCam for Moto E.

Make sure you drop here to check for some amazing back story behind the creation of Moto E:


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