Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Taking a bold step! - #StartANewLife

It all started with the decision to step up in life. Stepping up in life can be interpreted in many ways. It can either be when you bring a drastic change in your life, or when you decide to settle way above your level.

I remember that day very well.  It started with a thought which had germinated long back when I had decided to buy my own house. My marriage was due in 3 months and with my 50,000 per month income, it was not only difficult but also challenging to keep up with the tasks of my marriage.

But somehow somewhere, I was relaxed, yet in strain. This was due to company of my future wife, someone who had been with me since last 5 years. She has seen my lows, my ups and everything that I had gone through. She had been the support in my tough times. She had been tough in times she felt I was wrong.

And just like that, after germinating this plan of buying our own flat and moving into it, was something that was discussed to her. We planned, we thought about it for a long time. Though both of us wanted to start afresh and new, this was a perfect start up for that. But the times seemed hard, and it was not after that I had lost my job that we finally decided to give up on this plan of ‘own’ house.

I was reluctant to give up, to leave something as they are, is not my cup of tea. I did assure her about my trial and told her that I will not give up on our dream. If buying my house was not the only concern, there appeared another. It was due to my joblessness that created a stir in my in-laws. I had to lie, I accept, in order to save my marriage. I told them I started a business – which in reality was just another dream, an aimless goal, lying just in the planning which I had done.

But, this gave in. My start-up was chosen to be one of the top contenders in the India’s leading business. Things started to flow, and all that time, my soon-to-be wife never gave up on me. She was there, holding me in the times, asking me to take the bold step.

Selected in top 10 of India, we were heavily funded by an international company and thus, which lead us on for the first time in a drastic growth. It was just couple of weeks before my marriage that I told my father-in-law about my new home. It was perhaps, the investments paying well.

Looking back on the decisions I made, I realize that starting up a business and pursuing what I always wanted to do – was a bold step.

In times to come, you realize that if you don’t take such risks in life, there isn't much you can achieve.


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