Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Delight Of Laughter - #ImmuneIndia

You can sense the joy and the glee of happiness which rings straight to your soul, passing your ears and refreshing every ounce of you. The laughter, which is divine in its own way - makes a path a shallower one, the vision like a garland which spreads the scent of mirth. The laughter of a child, which has been raised by you. It’s a wonderful sight to have your child running behind you, irritating you with their small needs and deeds, or even great when all you got to do - is to wipe out all the mess they make up every day. But it is all worth it - when at night, you observe him sleeping, dozing off to the land where they meet dreams, their aspirations and a reality of their 'perfect' world.

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His demands force you to plan an outing, his absence from consciousness lets you find yourself. Somewhere in a way to help him in a craft project or learning the table of 2. Somewhere teaching him moral values, somewhere warning him the presence of evil, in an event to make him learn, somewhere we teach ourselves.

It’s when we learns something new, he urges to teach you too. Probably playing a game of cricket with the daddy, or perhaps – your daughter settling for her favourite activity, Kitchen Kitchen.
In a race to life, where the competition is increasing day by day, a place where the race never ends, where there is no finish lines, where the only end is the ultimate one, he needs your support, he needs your health, and more importantly you.

A healthy child lightens up the morning with his school tantrums, which very beautifully teaches you how to pursue someone. The afternoons add to the glory of making him eat something, eat proper in order to continue the tantrums forever. The evenings pass with making him understand that he should be doing homework and then go to play.

In a span of some hours, he teaches you, a life in a way, not even life had taught you. Nights are spent handling him and making him ready for tomorrow, so that he can face the world once again. You might get tired, you might get irritated, you might lose hope, but it is these things you miss the most when he falls sick. 

The laughter no more matches your soul’s tune. Neither the stars in the morning twinkle, nor they light rays follow you in the dark of the night. It’s just a hope which you carry along with yourself, of his well-being. 

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Life, begins with your healthy child, and sustains with him being healthy. His healthiness has a power to make your mood grow and make the family stick together through thick and thin, household argument? He is the one who settles down the fire. Mommy not eating? He is the one who carries you plate of food. Daddy angry on someone? He is ready to apologize.

If it was not for him, and his cheerful healthy smile, the sun would have never risen in our lives.
It is true when they say, a smiling child keeps a happy home, and a healthy child, keeps a healthy home.

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