Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Those Happy Dreams - #BefikarUmarBhar

There are some thing which are mighty close to our hearts, things which we won't let go even in our toughest times, things which we work for, things for which every drop of sweat counts. These things called dreams, which take us far on our journey and gives a meaning to our life.

Similarly, there are things I would want to come true, if not today but surely tomorrow.

  • Travelling Around The World
    There are too many wonders, miracles and beauties of life yet to be discovered, yet to match my eyes, yet to frequent of heart’s desire. There are places I want to go, there are moments I want to spend, there are journeys I want to overtake and there are milestones I am yet to cross. Dreams, just like a magical unconscious stigma, makes me wander all those places in the rest of my night. I want to go there, be under a new sky every day, I want to meet new people, I want to know every culture, I want to witness the world, and I want to compress the mightiness in eerie of my memories. When I watch it on places like television, listen about them through someone, when my desires make me travel their just through their pictures, and travelogues, its then I realize – that is something, a major part of my life’s dream, and something I want to achieve before I die.


  • Paragliding
    I am not afraid to die, I am afraid to live without having succeeded my dreams, I am afraid to live without fulfilling my imaginations, my dreams, and my hopes. I do not want to live without courage, neither silently mesmerizing the most coveted dreams. I want to para-glide, and see what it feels to live without fear, to see what happens when my life is just as equivalent as a fate of coin in a toss. I want to feel that moment when I talk to myself, not out of fear, but out of proud of doing something what I wanted to. To live, through having my dreams fulfilled. It is such coveted dream of mine, that once, for all I want to see what it feels to just, let go of yourself!


  • Deep Sea Diving
    Hidden deep down, are the treasures of life, not measured in numbers or currencies but are mentioned, and measured in the smiles, and the happiness which you realize through witness them. Deep sea diving forms the major crust of my bucket list, because this is something where we all came from, this is something where life started – water. I want to witness the originality of deep oceans, I want to talk to them in that silence, far apart from the world, where no one but we, and the life under the sea would thrive. I have heard, that deep sea diving is somewhat like going deep in your thoughts and analyzing what you truly are – Something I have always cherished to do.


  • Work in a Food Truck
    Its happiness – to feed someone through the taste of your hand, its magical. Working on a food truck is an adventure of its own. You get to meet a lot of people, some who come to extinguish the fire of their hunger and some, who want to relinquish their sense of taste. I have seen it a lot, I have heard it a lot, I have always envied their work, and someday I feel – I would definitely give this long term wish of mine, a beautiful shape.


  • Passion Should Be My Work
    And there are dreams which form out of habit, working is one such dream. You cannot be working, if your work is your love, because then it turns out to be your passion. And that makes, all the difference of being successful or no. And similarly, I have this dream of mine – To work, or to be able to do what I want to till I want to. Because, then it becomes comfortable, anything forced is never productive. And hence, that is something which will always be a part of my bucket list!

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  1. Awesome Post. Seems quite interesting.

  2. I liked "passion should be my work" point...and almost all of us want to leave our job...hehe..very nice post