Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happiness can be found everywhere!

Happiness - There are versions of it. There are limitations to them but, at the same time, there are uncountable ways to get them. It is a perspective of life, of how you see a morning like a fresh beginning or a night, carefully adjourned to bring life to its conclusion.

Happiness can be found in every corner, in every latitude of this sphere. You can find happiness in the mightiest of things, or find them, lying hidden somewhere in those preserved memories.

It is beautiful, when you find memories carefully located in those pictures taken a decade back. I remember one fine day when I was cleaning my cupboard. It had been a long time since I procrastinated to do the task later, and perhaps I hadn't done so, ever since we moved to Mumbai last year.

So I started snooping around my old things, as I dug more and more into mess of treasures. I stumbled upon a bag carefully kept at one corner of my closet.

“Don’t touch”, said the worn handwriting on the bag. It was my handwriting, some ten years back. But it seemed that it had been ages that I did not even remember what that little bag of treasures had kept.

But today, it was to open. So I opened the bag carefully, spreading its content carefully on the mattress. 

There were sights in front of my eyes that I would never forget again – My pictures of Delhi. Me, when I was a toddler, when I was learning life and when everything seemed carefree.
With pixel being read through my eyes, I pondered upon how time has passed. How the things which seemed like present, passed and settled themselves in a tag called past.

There were not much pictures, but I had dazzled myself in their stories, reminding me my childhood, reminding all those close to me. Reminding me that naughtiness, teaching me all those lessons again.
I spent couple of hours looking through them, examining each one carefully and then trying to recall their significance in my life. I tried finding their source, I tried finding their so precious influence on me. Perhaps, I had never been so happy, so delighted or so content in previous years that I was today.
It was magical. I pondered how these small things could bring so much in our lives. I thought about the process of life, or how does it get over so fast. I thought about its pace, about its track keeping us away from the things we love, from the things we want.

It was after those pictures, that I immediately booked tickets to my hometown. I missed them and I needed them.

It was after this, that I realized, you can feel homesick for people too. And yet again, I realized that it is not those materialistic things which define your happiness, but those small wonders of joys and surprises that take away harsh realities of life.


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