Tuesday 18 November 2014

The Lost Desire - #BringBackTheTouch

He was in a process of decline, the one which felicitates isolation from the world. Call it the stress at job, or the lack of passion which interpreted in every sphere of his life. It had been 3 years to the day they tied the knot, and the morning following that night was something they would never forget, he had made a breakfast for her. In a span of few minutes which had measured few years along, everything seemed complete. Yet, every morning today, all they do, is to execute the mutual exclusiveness of formality over a cup of caffeine, which they had stopped choosing, they were content with whatever being served. 

The mornings passed as the dew drops falling off a leaf to which it no more belonged. The afternoons were the time they indulged in their work, evenings were spent in travelling and the nights in depression.

It was a tiring winter day, a season where even the sweat of hard work chills you down with cold. Sitting on the coffee table, waiting for the daily charge of caffeine, he seemed puzzled with thoughts. There, he sees Natasha bringing his coffee, and just like the previous days admires her, looking at her in daze, in an adorable way. Just as she approaches him, she is struck with the presence of a wooden plank on the floor, and the absence of very same thing from her eyes. She tumbles down. Rajat runs to her witnessing it, and asks her whether she is fine or not. “I cannot walk, my foot hurts”,she said. Rajat knew what was to be done, he picked her up and carried her to the room. 

He isolated from her, or vice versa – they could never come to the conclusion. They still loved each other, the things were perfect just like how it were that morning, but something seemed to lack. Both knew the answer, but none of them ever questioned. It was passion.

There are stages of life when you have to take steps which decide your immediate future, and as well as the one which eventually settles down in coming years.

In those 20 seconds of travels, he had a ride which belonged to his past, to his beloved marriage and to the love they still sustained. In his arms, she felt secured again, she felt warmth in that cold morning, and the comfort ability which they shared, seemed to return to its not-so frivolous state. The 20 seconds had taught him the value of someone’s presence, and her – the value of him. There was a smile, and a blush which rose on each face. He admired her the whole day, taking care of her foot. They had brought back the old touch, touch of love, touch of inspire, a touch which makes them feel loved, a touch with sparks of life. It was a cold night, and a longer one than usual. 

The morning was reminisce to the past, which Natasha fondly remembered – “Good Morning”, said Rajat bringing a cup of coffee and French toast to serve with.

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Tanishq Sharma

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