Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Five Contenders Under 15K

There are varieties of mobile phones available in market today. Though some are priced at a hard-fast market, while some at a low-par after sacrificing some of the features. Today we look through some of the devices offered under Rupees 15,000, and take you through a path to choose a perfect one!

  • 1) Samsung Galaxy Trend
    This device is priced in a bracken for 10K-15K and offers many decent features. Being Samsung's own child, it inherits its TouchWiz, and internal capabilities. Loaded with 3 Mega-Pixel at the back, with a memory allocation well above 32Gb. This surely proves a handy device in daily life. It has Dual sim, in order to pack your two problems in one solution.

    Conclusion: You can go for Samsung Galaxy Trend if you want to enjoy maximum features of Android.

  • 2) Nokia Lumia 520
    This phones had an entry onto this price bracket after being a competitor in above levels for a long time. Loaded with Windows 8.1 with all the latest support from Microsoft, this 4'' inch device makes one proper device to be with. It has a 5 Mega-Pixel camera behind with Microsoft rich featured photo-editors on the go. The device packs itself in even more larger space, i.e 64 GB.

    Conclusion: You can go for Nokia Lumia if you pack yourself a heavy business schedule and looking for reliability.

  • 3) Micromax Canvas
    When we talk about a decent price range along with a huge supply of features, then we cannot, for certain cut myself out of this race. Priced around 14K, this device carries with itself, a number of features found in high-end devices. A 5 inch-HD screen, with 8 Mega-pixel camera behind. Coming with Android Kit-Kat, and a processor of 1.2 GHz Quad core processor. There isn't much you can ask for, but it provides you with everything.

    Conclusion: Micromax Canvas packs loads of features in its body.Thus, if you are trying to be frenzy with features - this is the phone with you.

  • 4) Sony Xperia M
    When it comes to reliability, strength and simplicity - Sony takes the leading position. With its ever so beautiful infertace - Sony Xperia M provides you way more features than any other device in this category does. With two cameras loaded on the device (5Mp primary + 0.3Mp secondary), it makes it an amazing choice. Comes with an Operating System which still persists in 89% of Android mobile - 4.2 KitKat. It compounds itself with an HD recording facility and of-course - The dual sim.

    Conclusion: Artistry much?  Well then this phone belongs to you. It has all the capabilities to jump from business like to frenzy friendly.

  • 5) Samsung Galaxy Core
    There is a reason why we keep jumping to Samsung again and again - They just keep providing mobiles time and again! Yes, Galaxy core carries with itself, an unmatched experience of features. Ranging from dual sim to having two cameras on the device. A fairly good sized screen - 4.3' and featuring 1.2 Ghz processor to match your daily demands.

    Conclusion: You can go for Samsung Galaxy Core if you want to see a glint of High-End mobile technology.

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