Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gupta ji's Delight!

There is an immense pleasure and advantage in having a neighbor like Gupta Ji. Not because they treat you with amazing food, amazing naashta but also because, they do it just every other day. There are times when I want to wake up in Gupta Ji’s home just to get that amazing recipes to my delight everyday – even without asking.

So there are these certain things – Gupta ji is my uncle, and my neighbor and I stumbled upon their amazing delights some 2 months before when my parents had to go out of the town for some time and I was left at home. My parents took permission from Gupta ji’s family to let me stay in their house for couple of days.

Perhaps, I didn’t know those couple of days would turn into days with amazement, with something so delightful to my taste buds!

Cornflake Coconut Ladoos served the first day’s menu. It was too delightful to put into words. I remember asking for extra bowl of the meal just because the taste of that dish had made me lose all my manners.


I went to Gupta ji’s wife and specifically asked her about the ingredients to this wonderful recipe. She started jotting down the points which went all over my head, so I carefully nodded and pretended to understand everything, while at the same time – I luxuriated on the flavors of this amazing dish.
I remember the second day as well! Oh how can I forget those Sitaphal Cornflakes? Luxury served in a bowl of milk, pouring down every flavor possible. It was yet again, that just to get another bowl of morning naashta, I asked Mrs. Gupta to provide me some details of the recipe, and once again – I pretended to comprehend whatever she said.

I sometimes doubted that she understood everything I did. Perhaps, she realize it on the third day when the ladoos recipe was repeated. This time, I know no more needed to ask for second serving, as she prior to my asking, told me to take it myself. I was more than happy that way, and went onto to take the meal thrice, only after making sure that no one was watching me in that creepy task.

And then, it started like a pretentious wish – I wished my parents to leave me to Gupta Ji’s house whenever possible, but until I got those cornflakes for myself! But then, greed has no limits, I would eat first at my home, those amazing recipes and then, would go to Gupta Ji’s house to have more! It seemed never to get over.

There are times when I had to suffer due to this. I had to tolerate their ten year old son, who kept irritating me, asking me questions and deviating me from my main focus.
But, we all know, to get something, we need to give up something. So, I am ready to face their child till those tasty breakfasts keep coming in!



Do watch their amazing video too!

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