Monday, 30 March 2015

Top 5 Headphones with Mic

In the times of advancing media, a better connectivity and outgrowing ways of getting connected to each other - It is better you choose the best parts in order to have efficient communication and the best way out of technology.
We take a look at 5 Headphones With Mic that delivers the quality, and are most popular in public demand.

  1. Philips SHM7410U/97 Wired Headset
    One of the most sought after headphones, with the latest features and absolute comfort in its modules. The over-the-ear headset delivers with the power 100mW of Max Power providing dynamic sound. The built-in microphone provides a crystal clear sound and no-noise transmission.
    Priced at around 1,500 odd - the company gives a 6 month warranty. 
    Apart from being, one of the premium models at this range, the design and shape looks optimum. 
    It is one of the best buys out there in the market.

  2. Sennheiser PC 310
    If the name is Sennheiser, the quality seems to be synonymous with the name. The headphones are beautifully built in all its aspect. Be it the head support or the noise-cancelling mic attached with the headphone - the quality provided happens to be utmost amazement. 

    If we talk about it in technical terms, you will first see a over-head design, and a uni-directional Microphone. Compatible with almost all computers and their operating systems, the sennheiser technology inter-mixes with the sound, and gives out a beautiful, crisp and clear sound.

    Priced at 3,000 - the device is best for the gaming purposes.

  3. Sennheiser PC 31 II Wired

    Another product from sennheiser which gives you a premium feel with its quality over sound transmission. Like most of the Sennheiser products, the sound delivered through its ear modules gives the loud and clear sound. 

    Microphone too, works as a greater impact in providing the best quality of voice receiver.  The over head design is quite similar to the previous models by the company.

    Coming at a price 2392/- rupees and 2 years of warranty, it makes this tech sound giant one of the greatest headphone with mic buy!

  4. Tag Headphone 400 Wired
    One of the new entries into the proposed category, the Tag provides reasonable quality with pretty low price tag. The price tag happens to be the USP of this product since it is mostly targeted to youth.

    The feedback from the market showers the new entrant with pretty decent appraisals. The quality of the microphone is crisp and clear, and the whole body feels premium in hands. The location and the standing clarity of microphone marks another good looking feature in the device.

    Bid at 8.5K, the device is a decent buy and those who want to flaunt its look.

  5.  Tag-100 Headphone
    Talking about the last headphone in this category - we take a look at the fresh and the basic model from the tag company.

    it is priced at a quite low range of 320 rupees with the major focus on re-branding their products. The device looks good in hand, and delivers yet another decent experience with sound.

    Although the mic looks pretty delicate in its attachment, but provides a good impetus in giving this headset a complete look.



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