Thursday, 5 March 2015

Happy Work-outs!

There are in-numerable things which a baby does when he is dry, happy and comfortable. To stray in his land of dreams, or to capture the realities of exposed world each day, as he learns, experiences joys, falls or even the happiest or the meanest times comes when his first check-mark – of being dry is tick marked.

Yes, there are times when he just spends his day sitting at a particular place, wondering, or maybe imagining different things. Being mesmerized with his just bought-in toy, or the crackling sound followed by an alphabet coming from his trolley. There are these days too, when he just does not sit at one particular place. Loitering from one place to another, looking for different things to interact with. In those particular times, as a parent, we got to turn up our running shoes to chase him down the whole corridor. But that defines happiness, which defines its comfort ability and a fact that he is well settled in his present condition.

His favorite toy is his action figure from the cartoons that I had bought him last month. It’s a soft toy shaped to be his perfect buddy. Someone, whom we can travel along, someone who assures him, and someone, about whom he is most possessive about. Last week when we had gone to Mumbai, I remember him crying all through the journey, for his best mate – the soft toy was left at home. Thankfully, I had arranged someone to bring on the toy quickly lest we would have missed the plane.

Since quite a few days, the priority of his soft toy has been replaced by his new so-called friend, our turtle. We call him tafoo. He calls him by many other names too. We spends maximum of his time by the aquarium when the turtle is in water, and rest following the turtle. Thankfully turtle isn't very fast, lest I would have to tie up my running shoes again, chasing them both this time.

Yet, there are times when he is uncomfortable, not able to sustain that comfort ability due to his diaper. And perhaps, that is the most uncomfortable position for a baby, not only because the wet-diaper affects the skin, but also because it carries various chances of infections and thus, makes child moody often rejecting food.

It’s this decision that largely makes up his happiness field. His playing with toys, his dancing to his own tunes, his tries of being vocal or his patience of being at one place, all due to his settlement with his clothes, and body comfort ability.

Now, I don’t have anything to worry when it comes to diapers, for there is pamper at my rescue often! It’s because of this that he no more cries with irritability of wet. I take care to change the diapers at the right time in order to continue his laughter of joys and tune of happiness!


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