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My Drowning Confidence! - Pimples' Story

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To start this long story, let me tell you about the villain first - the little pricks of pimples and acne, I would like to tell you a bit about them. Human skin consists of oily glands located just under the skin. These glands produce Sebum, an oily liquid which is connected through follicles to the skin. These follicles, or the duct carries dead skin cells through them. When a hair grows from them, the opening gets blocked due to congestion and there appears a Pimple.

There are different types of pimples, commonly heard as Whiteheads, blackheads etc. They aren't dangerous to you or they don't cause hindrance to an extreme level, in your daily lives, until you are professionally an actor. (It gets difficult for the ones who are paid for their looks).
Now that is really important to the ones who are paid for their looks!-(Source)

Now, people put forward different theories in order to explain this to us!
  • Beta, Jawaan ho rahe ho! (Turning adolescent)
    Uncle, 6 saal se jawani hi aa rahi hai, aur saath mein pimples bhi.
    (Yes, Uncle. It has been 6 years since I turned adolescent, and along with it, my pimples.).
  • Oily skin hai na, Isiliye. (Perhaps because you have oily skin)
    Haanji Uncle, roz 3 baar face-wash karta hun. (Yes, but I wash my face thrice a day)
  • Acha, toh ye try karo, "xyz ka sharbat, abc ka lotion"...
    and it continues with a list of things he offers me to try..

But, lest above saying, the problem to the solution happens to be invisible from our eyes.

Every Morning Reaction!
From the ages of twelve to thirty, the problem of pimples carry on a daunting everyday task, with dis-integrating looks, a confidence with drowns with every pimple that rises. I happen to go with such in-ability too, that was, I guess I matured before my age-mates. But, then I have been going with this problem since last 7 years myself and believe me, don't believe me, it makes a grimace from the mirror which shines back when you look at it.

Much to the horror of the society which gives a preference of looks over brain - this obstacle becomes extremely crude with each morning as it increases. 

I, myself faced some of most difficult moments in life during this haunting period and I am sure most of them who are reading this must be going through such things, so let me tell you about the common problems and effect we all have had to go through when we had these little structures disrupting our faces!

Taking down your Confidence!

  • It is not possible to leave this outcome aside. Somehow, due to the prevailing preferences of society towards the body image, and the looks of one, tends to bring a change about in everyone's confidence. It is, therefore, inversely proportional to Pimples!
    (More the number of pimples, less is the confidence.)
  • There was a time when I stopped doing things which I liked, going out and stopped socializing. It was all because I did not want any one to see the ugly face which I was carrying, fully filled with the acne or pimple colonies.
  • There were times when I felt unworthy of anything, social rejection was also a part of this because the negativity and the apprehension was coming from me.
That is right!
Lack of Self Esteem!

Meeting new people? Nope!

  • Now and then, there were times when I stopped meeting people or building new friends, or citing new friendships. I still remember the times, when I moved my face cautiously when talking to someone I wanted to impress by not letting them see what my other side of face consisted - an army of pimples!
  • It surely reduces one's capability to actively come forward and present themselves, rightly so - because they are simply not presentable with the looks destroyed by pimples.
  • Whether its a job interview or a date with someone special - the pimples don't leave a chance to make you feel inferior. I have been there, done that, felt the same. These were some things I went through every single day, staring continuously for hours in mirror, trying to find in-numerable ways!

Too bad! No one suggested me that!  

Unique Advises!

  • This is something which happens to the most of us, probably everyone going through some other disorder - ADVICE OF RELATIVES. They care for us, no offence but the way they express their care is something much more grave than our problems at fight. I have seen my aunts and uncles telling me about various medicines, soaps, and ways to remove pimple. One such relative suggested me to keep hair short - I am yet to find a relation between two things.
  • Other day, my aunt visited me and told me about a unique solution belonging to her ancestral ways. It made me mix different dairy products and apply on face and the places where pimples were settled and were not paying their rent. If they could sell humans, I would have been picked up by dairy lovers.
  • "Put Ice Box on face", they said. The only it did was to make my skin numb, and then I could cry with my tears flowing their ultimate path.
  • It was as if the most cursed thing which lurked on me, and the graveness with which they wanted to help me, made me say just one thing, "Pimple se darr nahi lagta saab, aapke tariko se lagta hai..".
Kaash koi hame bhi ye bata deta! (Source)

Other Signs!

  • Researchers studying the extensive behavior of people at this age has suggested that in turn - the pimple or acne can cause severe psychological depression.
  • There are times when all, you think about is how to get rid of these things, which has an adverse effect on our health. For example:- Less appetite, insomnia due to extra pressure stress.
  • Due to the feeling of unworthiness, we tend to work on a slowest pace in our duties and work.
  • They don't spare our mood too, in-case you are wondering. Thus, mood problems take away the people around us.
  • You just try to do everything and anything that comes your way in solving this problem, even the in-solvent ideas of your peers tend to make you feel that they will work, but alas, nothing to cure this with.
Book 1 ticket for me please!

What I learned from this!

Damn Right! (Source)
  • There are times when you feel down, there are times when you got to feel unworthy of yourself but you know what matters the most? Its realizing the fact that you can appreciate light only after you have been in darkness. Perhaps, not today but time will come when you turn into adulthood, and then your body will finally adapt to it. 
  • There is a proper way you need to go through towards the problem, in having a successfully finding a cure.
  • People around you will help, with intentions of actually making things better. You need to listen to everyone, but do only what seems sensible. 
  • Its nothing to feel insignificant about, everyone goes through this phase, and its a part of life. You only have one life, no regrets should be a part of it.

Personal Experience with Solution!

  • After trying various solutions, and when nothing seemed to work, I was advised to use Garnier Pure Active Neem face-wash. Now, there one distinction about this face-wash, i.e, Neem is a natural remedy for acne. It is not a miraculous cure but with the help of it, problems of acne can be successfully cured.

  • How does it happen?
    Neem tends to kill the bacteria which causes acne to grow. It also helps in prevention of acne to grow again. 

  • How to use it?
    It can be used tropically but a better form is with the lotion or a face-wash - Hence Garnier Pure Active Neem Face-Wash is a perfect choice for it. 

  • Effects on me?
    I made a substantial reduction in the number of pimples all over my face, and it surely helps me reduce oil from my skin.

That is me after its Use! (Source)
I hope my experience plays a vital role in shaping your fight with pimples!

It was an immense pleasure writing something I darted with anger, frustration for a major part of my adolescence - Pimples. But then again, I had my shares of fight and everyone goes through this embarrassing stage of life.
This article is written in association with Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash.

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Lets fight this together!

I hope you have liked my experience! - Thank-you.


  1. Fantastically put! We have all have gone through this some or the other time! Reminds me of sick time >.<

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    that just talk about how angry you are with the acne issue!
    loved the Bollywood style posters!

    1. Haha thankyou!
      And yes - damn angry, still facing them too much! :(

  4. Well written with so many points here, Tanishq :) Exhaustive post!
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