Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Owning A Bike In Mumbai!

There are tons of bikes to consider in this variance substantial market with some of the companies coming with hybrid, thus, becoming a venture with automobiles becoming stronger, powerful and with a great mileage.

We take a look at some categories of worthyness and what bikes to buy in Mumbai. 
There are various categories ranging from some high priced – Royal Enfield or Yamahas to the affordable ranges of Hero bikes, Bajaj etc.
We would be listing some of the top brands, starting from Kawasaki to the brands most abundantly available – Honda, hero. Along with that, we would also be telling you how Hero Honda bikes in Mumbai, come up to the best in their terms.

Kawasaki ER 6n

One of the top branding and most loved bikes in Mumbai, it is one of the transition of Kawasaki’s most successful branding of sports bike – The Ninja 650. The most intriguing part about the bike is its premium-ness in the Indian market. This happens to be one the first Japanese models released in India.
Designed for the ruling and toughness of a sports bike – It is features a double-piped perimeter style framing. The bike looks a clear cut-framed and compact. The headlamps developed in the model compete with some of the best fog-lamps in the industries.
The price is slightly on the higher side with ex-showroom price cutting off at 4, 91,610/-
With Standard 649cc and petrol engine – It works to be one of the most premium sports bike.

Harley Davidson Street 750

With humoungous bikes in Mumbai, we take a look at a certain new height. Talking about luxuries in this segment, we can surely not miss out the bike made in America but assembled in India. The Harley Davidson – Street model is one of the basic models incorporated in the Indian line up. The dark-custom bike features one of the premium engines and is targeted towards the age group of 25 to 35.
Fluid-engine running through the pipes of the metal giant, also termed as “Revolution X engine by the company itself. The liquid not only makes a smooth running but also increases the efficiency of the torque. Thus, making it an easy drive.
Now there comes a slight price tag with luxury – Harley Davidson tagged 4, 27,230/- surely makes up all that it’s worth of.

Hero Karizma 2014

Checking out some Karizma in Mumbai, I am yet to meet an Indian who doesn’t take a name Karizma when it comes to affordable bikes yet a supreme performances. Priced at much lower tag, ranging from 43,000 to 1 Lakh. We would be talking about ZMR consists of a pretty good 500+ cc engine to cope up with an excellent daily use of torque bike.
The top two variants for the same are:
  • Hero Karizma 2014
  • Hero Karizma ZMR 2014

Honda Dream

Coming on to the pen-ultimate bike in our discussion, we look at Honda Dream that serves as a basic, classical and economical model aimed at the public domains.
The bike is priced at reasonable rate of 49,000 to make it well-receivable and affordable among the common people. The bike offers a well-steady and converse drive with 200cc Engine.
It surely makes one of the bikes to take into consideration if your budget is a meek one.

TVS Apache

From the high range motor cycles to the last one in the list – TVS Apache. A pretty moderate new entrant into the list of affordable motor cycles, TVS Apache has received good welcome in the Industry.
Ranging from 70K to 90K, the bike comes in three different models. With 153CC engine attached off-late with smooth transition and torque- the price range will come deserving at last.

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