Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Digital Love - #UnconditionalLove

How Asus Zenfone can be your ideal Valentine?

  • An ideal Valentine is not just a person you are romantically attached to, but it can also be something that holds a significant meaning for you, something that you have a fondness for, like an Asus Zenfone! To love is to hold someone else’s happiness dearest than your own, and this is just what the Asus Zenfone will do, it will sprinkle the very essence of love.
  •  Love is beyond the infatuation, which is an ephemeral existence, not something that would provide for your needs. But the Asus Zenfone will look after you, nurture you, prolonging the frontiers of love more than the trends today. Love is able to reconsider and respect your opinions and thoughts, just like the Asus Zenfone which will help you voice your opinion over the vast expanse of the world, for you are of utmost importance to it.

  •  Unlike its human counterpart, your Asus Zenfone will never abandon you when you find yourself in dire straits, but will show you the right path, and assist you in wending your way. If it ever finds itself incapable of performing a task, it will provide you the necessary contacts of the people or services that would come in handy.
  • Your Asus Zenfone will sing any song to you whenever you are in the mood for one, exhibiting a thousand melodies engulfed in its sleek body. Your day will brighten, once you hear its voice crescendo in your ears, producing sheer contentment and joy. You can even chose the song you want your Valentine to sing, and it will intone absolute magic right away. You might have arguments with your better halves over the sitcoms you fancy, sometimes rendering you disappointed and furious, but not when you are with your Asus Zenfone! It will thoroughly entertain you with what you like, be it a tremendous game of Cricket, or a soap opera you might find interesting. Having common interests only takes the compatibility of your relationships to new heights, and helps two people truly conflate, and the Asus Zenfone does more than serving that purpose.
  • Asus will help you see the pleasing and charming sights of the world in the blink of an eye, helping you perceive the colours, sights and sounds of this beautiful world without much trouble. It will provide you a panorama of the past, help you find an attractive hotel in an idyllic setting while savoring the taste of a lovely candlelit dinner.  Your Asus Zenofone could also show you the pictures of your paradisal childhood, amid the blissful caress of cotton sheets. The Asus Zenfone can truly be your companion in everything that pleases you, just like a soulmate!
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