Sunday, 1 February 2015

Quickr Solution - #QuickrNXT

It is frustrating - continuous beeping of mobiles with loads of stress clinging on, already. We decided to sell off on Quickr to avoid problems, not to estrange us with the never ending ringing fashion of our mobiles.

With the advancement of Quickr NXT, I believe there are more than many reasons to which we can count of getting our things done in a fashion which is quick, simple, and realistic. Adorning much to their brand name – Quickr.

So, let me point down some really significant things one can witness after the context of this new platform for advertisers and buys.

  • Now no more dilemma of choosing the higher power of authority to answer –Boss in a meeting or a buyer with too many queries to handle. Yes, it becomes difficult to choose sometimes. In a life, paced at a faster step with each handle – whom do you choose? Sometimes hindrance is inevitable and that’s where this new platform comes in to rescue.

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  • Now you can be at peace and understanding at the same time – No more shouting on phones explaining them the complexity of your device/product which they aren’t able to comprehend. You see, it’s not always good when commuters stare like you are competing with their favorite music tracks and headphone decibels.
  • No more bills on headache related medicines and endless supply of tablets to your body, yes the extreme management of multi-tasking days make you understand that it’s either coffee or tablets which will keep you going. So to make sure that it’s not much a hassle already, Quickr nxt provides the best escape.
  • Retaining upon the fact – Its quick, and you can share much more information than before. Recent pictures? Yes you can share. Perhaps a video or two showing its functioning would really make things better for both – advertisers and buyers. Both in convenience and smoothness of procedure.
  •  The relation of buyer and seller just does not end at the transaction – with Quickr NXT, buyer can still take tips if there is something doubtful in his mind related to the product, or if he needs help in maintaining of a care or simply wanting to know the basic details – the platform provides all.

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  •  But above all, the fact that instant messaging had made lives easier in every sphere of life, from easier communication to reliability through multi-tasking, everything seems at hand. Hence, the new convection of providing the basic needs of buyers and sellers and their small-small F.A.Qs being answered in such a delight, makes it more of a useful platform.
  • Being a Quickr user myself, and testing the app, I really feel ease at using it. It is light and comfortable on the device and actually makes the transaction without much of banging of my head – in this case none.

    All in all – I would recommend each one to have a go if they need to remove something from their lives, and to let others get a better opportunity look at.
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