Friday, 27 February 2015

Upgrading Luxuries! - #QuickrNXT

Better lifestyle is something everyone thinks about. To have a better car, one which completes your journey like none other. One, which makes you love driving it. One, which you had always dreamt of having.  One, which makes you dazzle around it always. I have found a perfect way to get your hands on it – Quickr-Nxt.

It works in a magical way to allow you to get everything just here! Everything in a touch of few buttons and in a much more convenient way!

Let us look on how Quickr-Nxt can make you achieve your dream in less than 3...2...1. Seconds!

Quickr-Nxt provides a platform for two people to have a quick deal – No more fussing around the ringing bells when you are in a meeting, or with someone special.  The efficiency of platform comes integrated with the fact that it works on the principle of instant messaging – thus providing speed reliability to your query. It not only fosters a better communication but also takes in account, your comfort ability.

One of the major advantages of buying a car from Quickr-Nxt is its portability on function on any mobile device ranging from android software to IOS. The application even works on blackberry’s infamous operating system. So managing a request to know about mileage or knowing some puny features about the dashboard at two different times can be managed – since it’s not so much of a burden now!

Now, if we talk about some continuity over the case of Quickr-Nxt, then it scores full marks. The application can also be accessed through desktop and the chats will all be retrieved then. You can continue talking to your buyer or seller, from the point you last talked to them. Having to fix an appointment to see the car, or perhaps asking them for a test drive – they all can be managed easy.
Quickr-Nxt helps you to get details about the car which you are interested in – without even disturbing, or quiet, irritating the seller. For example – the listing of the product does not mention whether the car has some added accessories or no – you can further ask this questions to seller on Quick-Nxt. Details other than this, which you might be looking through can also be asked through the char-platform.

You can get more pictures of the car apart from the ones which are already present in the listing! Thus, making you more familiar with the product you are buying!

And since you are seeing the new automobile, there is just similar way to say good-bye to your old fashioned four wheeler now. The listing provides the best chance of getting it discovered and then Quickr-Nxt provides the best way to stay in contact with the buyer – bargaining, listing, fixing a meeting, finalizing the deal and everything.

Thus, Quickr-Nxt becomes an ideal platform to upgrade to something better – a next level of your luxury and also have the deal in and out of your hands quicker than before!


The above post is written in association with Indiblogger and Quickr.
You can visit them here: Quickr Website

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