Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Speed derived from Passion!

The word Indian closely resembles to speed & cricket. They want it all, they want it now. A country where, for the people, of all ages ranging from old-age to the children of 10 years are blinded by a beautiful game of cricket, it becomes difficult to keep the two things apart.

With the generation and competition rising like the oil-splinted down the fire arcade, the generation with each passing decade finds their own way to keep them connected to their passion, their religion – Cricket. There are two distinctive things to look after it. One, it started with the commentary of radios, finally graduating to the generation of browsers and application interfaces giving us ball-by-ball scoring. The times have changed, but the passion does not. For the very same reason, we have taken down yet another barrier of speed by introduction of UC Broswer, which not only makes it easier to use, but takes full marks to have its tagline, “Surf it All, Surf it fast” get approved by millions of teens, working class and old-age in the coming of technology.

So what makes it easier to user, and how does the barrier of speed gets taken down? The UC browser inculcates a java-script which makes you appear the cache pages which are refreshed externally. Thus, giving you speed, and connectivity.

One of the most interesting is their own integration for the cricket fanatic, the range of scorecard, ball-by-ball scoring, analysis, the in-depth application of the match, scheduled matches, fixtures and many more things which the UC Browser bring on top-board.

Thus, with the implementation of speed, and the connectivity, the browser makes it to the top. The product not only relaunched with the new interface, but also took care of adding plenty of more features such as easy bookmarks.

Now for the lovers of the game, there isn’t a ball being missed. From every six that your favourite cricketer hits to every bowled wicket your bowler delivers. From every match action seamlessly delivered on your platform to the highlights of your favourite match, the app has all in stores.
The browser is fully capable of running on 2G speeds, thus providing no compromise on different platforms used by the various agencies, people or by the different headsets or the models.

The final call of the day, is that beautiful ball, that beautiful shot and that amazing fielding, should not go unseen. The speed is what we need, the speed is what we have got, only by UC Cricket.


Here, you can visit them:
The App: UC Cricket

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