Monday, 20 July 2015

Top 10 reasons to get your own Asus Zenfone 2!

In the growing market which differs with each new day and each new product, we take a look at a device which not only raised the standard of new outings, but also created a whole new sphere for the devices to come, and the ones who are just entering the market. For the very same reason, we take a look at the king’s 10 ordered advantages and the reason why Asus Zenfone 2 should be on your wish-list right now!
1. The Latest Trends On Tips!
With the latest version of Android Lollipop in-house, the device is powered by number of new features, which are not only exclusive to Android Lollipop but also to the flagship of Asus Zenfone 2. This includes ZenMotion, SnapView, Trend Micro Security and ZenUI instant updates.
2. The bolder – the better!
The beautifully & ergonomically designed interface, body layout and the display adds to the already-rich laden features and software. The beautifully designed screen of 5.5 IPS display adds to its high resolution and high pixel per inch density. It has a unique 178 degree viewing angle, making it perfect to watch movies and play games.
3. The design that fits!
One of the USPs of this device is its smooth-designed interface which works like butter with the command-prompt manual inputs. It not only fits perfectly in hands, thanks to it’s ergonomically design, but also takes the fitting credit to its relatively thin edges gives user a perfect grip.
4. Done with comfort!
The device is thin enough to be used by one hand with various features such as improved one-hand keyword. The volume controls, shutters, and the zoom controls are located in the one-panel tray easily accessible while using it single handedly.
5. Fusion of toughness!
A phone which not only appears tough through its software but also through its physical appearance is the one which marks the last achievement of completeness. The phone comes with Corning Gorilla Glass which is the latest one from the corning, adding a toughness stated to be 50% tougher than the version 2.
6. Varied Experience Based On User!
Now, not two humans are similar, then how can their likes be? Zenfone 2, for the very same reason brings in, the varied performance for the multi-user types who like both – watching movies and playing games. The 2GB Ram handles all the tasks and multi-tasks well and easily, thus providing a smooth interface for the users.
7. Games’ Delight!
Now who does not love a phone with graphics as intense as real life? The PowerVR-G6430 GPU built-in makes sure there isn’t a sphere left in the cart to make you feel that you are living in the stories of these visuals. It does not matter if you are watching a HD film or a 3D game, the output just keeps getting better.
8. Capture It All!
If there could be one thing about this device that we can pick, which wasn’t being readily available on other headsets at same price, or specifications – It would be its amazing camera. From low-light photographs to the curved surfaces, the large viewing angle of the camera captures some stunning photographs which are just equivalent to the professional cameras. The devices comes with 13MP camera and a 5MP front camera – just in-case you want to fall in love with taking selfies.
9.The One That Lasts!
Another key feature and lookout while buying today’s phones are their battery life. With the onset of Android Lollipop, 80% of devices have lacked in providing sufficient battery life, in-order to give justice to their features. But, that’s not the case with Asus Zenfone 2, which comes packed in with 3000 mAh battery and a processor which does not let the battery take too much load. See? The device chills on its own.
10. Keep connected, it feels good.
At the end of the day, what we look forward to enhance through mobile device is the better communication. Each day, every day we look forward to communicate more, and who else better than Asus Zenfone 2 lets it do for us? With all the latest technologies as well as the features to support them. Premium WIFI connectivity and the latest 4G module, we are sure to keep connected all time.
These are, pretty much amazing reasons to get yourself an Asus Zenfone 2. If these don’t convince you, take it because ultimately, the device looks pretty amazing in itself!

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