Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Father's Day: Let's gift love online!

As we head further into the sixth month of 2015, we have an occasional, as special as the moonlight falling on the dark night, coming up. It is, none other than ‘Father’s Day’. But every father’s day, there is one dilemma every child faces! What to buy? Be it a tie, or a pen or something which your father might have in personal favorites. Well, worry not as we bring you the list of Best gifts for Father’s available online.

1) Party-Loving Dad!

Now which son refuses to have a father who is all ready to party at any given instance? But then, there are moments when apart from partying, he would be willing to have a quiet social sharing with others over a cup of tea and some tricks in cards!
Yes, the card. Every father’s favorite, non-energy utilization game, on a perfect Sunday morning. So, go ahead and order one for your dad.

2) The Corporate Daddy!

He is all uptight, busy in his work, meetings, earning and all for you. The thing which he lacks the most is the valuable time. Then why not go ahead and give that to him? Maybe a silver coated, titanium watch to go with his meetings? So that every-time he looks at his wondering hours, it reminds him of you. There are tons of watches to select online, from various collections.

3) The Work-Out Papa!

Well, we all have seen our dads at some point of time discussing this important aspect! Get fit! Exactly, maybe your dad has the aim of getting fit this summer, or maybe before his next birthday? Don’t wait, go ahead and help your dad in this amazing endeavour like he supports you in each one of yours. Go get him various things that can go with his procedure. You can gift him anything ranging from a fitness tracker to air fryer, which saves the hassles of oily food.

4) The ever-so-engrossed Dad!

Tube light not working? The clamp has come off? Calling a plumber? Hush, no! Daddy’s here with his tool-kit fixing every bits and pieces because he loves to do it himself. Most of us have this kind of father, even my own! From sockets to hanging decorations, he does it all by himself.  So go ahead and do all the good you can, get him his new toolkit this summer, all new tools to work around.

5) The daddy’s-online daddy!

The tech-friendly dad is there in almost every second house. He is all-so fond of new technologies, new phones, and new mobiles – not as a fan-boy but someone who generally has interest in it. Gift him the latest gadgets, from smart watches to futuristic mobile devices!

How to get these things all in one place?
Now the real tandem starts after deciding what to buy. But I got the solution for that too – Stop looking at various places all in shattered sequences. For all the types of dads I mentioned above, you’ll get a category at Askmebazaar | Father’s Category, which serves as the place for best gifts for father online.

Don’t forget to complement your gift with a nice bunch of flowers, buy flowers at best price at the same location too!

Hope you all have an amazing father’s day, and at the summit make sure you make him proud!

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