Friday, 12 June 2015

Steps To Get A Radiant Skin!

Ever since the generation of 2000s came along, the varied differences and the stark significance of skin, its smoothness, its viscosity and shine starting making an impact on society. In today’s times, it has become one of basic needs to carry forward the best of your skin, not only to show off, but also to follow a healthy regime.

Thus, today we talk about some of the ways to keep your skin healthy, fresh and spotless.

1)      Washing your face daily
One of the most important routines to follow in order to have a healthy, spotless and fresh face is to have it washed daily twice – once in morning and one before you go to bed. The duration of 12 hours gives it a perfect relapsing yet refreshing time. Using a proper face-wash yet again adds to the factor of your daily routine. Make sure to have it recommended by your doctor, so that if you don’t face any side effects. In most of the cases, it is better to wash your face daily with soap and water without applying any specific face wash.

2)      Do not touch your face too often!
One of the leading sins people commit is to keep touching their face. In their unconsciousness, their hands transfer the germs, bacteria and many such things which leads to the congestion in the skin holes through which it breathes the oxygen. It leads to several infections and most commonly, pimples, acne and more.

3)      Avoid Putting Up Cosmetics Too Often!
It is scientifically proven and researches have distinctively shown the negative effects of applying too much of a makeup on regular basis. The keratin in your skin reacts with the chemical and it creates internal burns on the layer of the skin. It is, thus, recommended to keep your skin naturally glowing and fresh rather than using a cream or a powder of specific type.

4)      Using Ayurveda in Products!
Ayurveda is considered one of the most naturally therapy to human troubles Be it skin care or any other physical thing.  It combines itself with natural herbs, species to form an even natural cure for human body. Thus, Ayurveda helps not only in the process of curing skin, but also enhancing the glow and freshness of it.

5)      Don’t eat oily food!
I understand the relation between the two things seems abrupt, but eating oily food leads to oily skin which further leads innumerable problems such as pimples, dull skin, damped skin, acne. Thus, it is better to eat non-oily food, one which is baked instead of fried. This will keep your skin oil free, which will reduce its accumulation of dirt and will let your skin breath heavy.


These were some of things one should follow in course of having a fresh skin! Do leave your opinion in comments. This post is written in association with Vicco Turmeric Cream.

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