Saturday, 18 April 2015

Best Samsung Laptops For You!

In a market flooded with latest models, it is important to choose the best of the lot. In recent times, we have seen a bulk of new advancements when it comes to laptops - with much of them coming from the market leader, Samsung.
Samsing laptops are varied in each component, from mini-laptops to full-fledged ones. They provide you a diverse range of operating systems from Google's chrome OS to windows 8,7 etc.
Today, we look at the top 3 laptops from Samsung, which you can consider to be a good buy!
Samsung NP550P5C Laptop
It is one of the standard laptops provided by Samsung which provides you a good worth of your money.
The laptop comes with 3rd Gen Ci5 processor, 6GB RAM (which in turn, makes it one of the most powerful rams), 1 TB hard-disk space. The specification of the device are on positive side. The device is tagged at a price of just above half-a-lakh. Priced at 56,990 – The device is great in terms of business, and office use rather than a personal home device.
The device runs on Windows 8.1. The device is capable of running smoothly on windows 10.
The device is available in a metallic grey shade, and no other variants of colour are available.
Samsung NP300E5X Laptop
It is Samsung’s take on affordable laptops. The market price of device is much lower compared to other devices. The price tag of 26,000 comes loaded with 2nd Gen Ci3 processor, 2GB RAM, which is standard in laptops. It also comes with 500 GB hard-disk space. Providing insights, I would recommend you to use this laptop as a personal use rather than heavy working. The 2GB RAM is fit enough to take load from personal, light work rather than a heavy office duty.
The device comes loaded with Windows 8, and can then be upgraded to Windows 8.1. There is no update from the company whether the specifications will be able to handle upcoming Windows 10.
The device is available in metallic grey and white.
Samsung XE303C12 Laptop
Samsung’s version of Google’s chrome OS comes built-in in this model. The device features Google’s new operating system which is made to be user-friendly. The chrome replication gives it more of a browser look, and the other features such as notes, documents and all are integrated with Google’s own drive capabilities.
The laptop is largely for the audience who want to handle much of their online work. The cons for the device is the central, integrated windows environment, which lacks due to simplicity of Google’s operating system.
The laptop is priced at 22,000 much similar to the rate of other variants by other companies’ laptop.
It also features 2GB RAM, 16 GB hard-disk. It can be a good component in handling online business if bought for 22,000 alone.

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