Friday, 23 January 2015

The Special Day - #CupidGames

5 days to go, I had my heart up in my sleeves. I had decided the day – It has to be the Valentine’s Day. I knew that those 120 hours would accumulate countless of memories, in-numerable thoughts and a constant ray of worry that would, with each passing minute, intense as if to scare the left, out of me.

2 months ago, I had met her. It was when we had started our new session at college. She was a new admission, choosing to be the stranger in her own surroundings – I probably was her first friend in this place. And, believe me – It did not happen by chance. There are moments that I would be happy to tell, but I don’t have words enough to express them. There was something special about that day, there was something special about her too – for I know not, what kept me fixated at her, was it her charming smile? Or her looks which with every passing second mesmerized me to a new level. It was not until the moments later, that I realized, Love at first sight still exists
We came closer, being in a same class, discussions were bound to happen and never to cease, with topics ranging from one aura of random to another. She was the only child, bearing no siblings, I quite did understand that she was the one, who was always pampered, and need be, I would have to be the one who would take her persuasions, tantrums and everything but I was ready – I was in love.
If it would have been in my hand, I would have spent waiting those 120 hours pass, every second in a conscious of awake. For I was too, anxious to know her reply. To know what she would answer to my eternal question. We never talked on this but it seemed too natural to be talked upon. I had decided that I would ask her the best way I could.

So I bought out my father’s tuxedo, dressed in white and black and bought her a beautiful ring, which might look even better when placed on her finger. The stages and props were set, it was her birthday on 14th of February itself, so I had, even better reason to let myself keep occupied to it. I did ask her parents’ permission, for setting up a surprise birthday party for her. I let them unaware of my other intentions.

I called twice in the morning, thrice in the afternoon and countless times in evening to make sure that everything was ready, as the day for my judgement was tomorrow. I had advised my friends to keep the party blasters, and a camera and snow-sprays ready when I finally go on my knees. I wanted to record every bit of it, so that later we could look at it and smile, in a way no heavenly feeling does.
It was the longest night, but perhaps the special talk on the midnight was something which kept me awake the following night.

“Happy Birthday”, I said hiding my excitement for the following day.

Thank you so much”, said she, probably sensing my excitement for the following day. “Where is my gift?” she asked.

You’ll get it tomorrow”, I told her and smiled meekly.

I’ll accept it”, she said quietly.

And it was enough to keep me awake the following night.

The morning break out, but I was out of the bed already, prior to breaking of dawn. Called once to my love, and made sure she has a beautiful valentine this year.

So it was all set, with party going on – a party which was conducted not only for her celebrations but also for a youth who wanted to indulge in love – for the celebrations of Valentine’s Day
The cake was brought up, and she was handed the knife to cut it. I knew it was my chance to make a move, so I grabbed the knife in her hand and kept it on the table aside, I didn't want her to make a ferocious move if she rejected me. She looked puzzled, but I was here to solve it. Taking a small box from my coat’s pocket, went of my knees – The silence surrounded us as if the world wanted to hear those golden words. “Will you be mine?” I uttered with extreme delicacy.

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She was numb, from head to toe, except her tears which flowed with the stream making a path of her fair cheeks.

I accept it”, was all she said, and the surroundings were covered with the snow sprays and party blasters all over. And most importantly, we had captured the precious moment of her life, in the pixels to be repeated again and again. I did realize, that things done bolder, are better.

Tanishq Sharma


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