Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Discovering the New Canvas - #CanvasTab

The strokes of old brushes canvas go wary as we welcome the new - Micromax Canvas Tab P666. Its end of the year, and tomorrow begins a fresh season of life. Tomorrow begins, a new dawn, a dawn which won't belong to 2014, but to a new significant digit of 2015. As humans, we progress, we improve and we learn - so with the same tendency, I have decided, I have made a resolution - I want to rediscover my passion. Re-discover the fire which burns inside me, its time to let it come out and blow away the obstructions in my path. My Passion - I want to be an entrepreneur.

With a similar approach to my passion, and my urging want for Micromax Canvas Tab P666, there are ways which open for me, and the paths I should travel. Lets see, how efficient it can be for me, and if it turns efficient for me, there is no reason why it wouldn't be for you.

  • Entrepreneurship demands to be connected to everyone 24/7
    With Micromax Canvas Tab P666 and with its Intel atom powered processor, I could be rest assured that connectivity for the duration of a day or more won't be my reason for concern. With Multitasking at hand,
    clocked at 1.2GHz and 1 GB Ram, there are meetings I wouldn't worry to attend.
    Source - Micromax

  • Entrepreneurship demands to think, act and dream BIG.
    With Micromax Canvas Tab P666 and its huge screen, I might not miss an important piece of information, work or a document unheeded. With the screen size of 20.32 cm and WXGA IPS screen, it withholds the capability to deliver beauty to you. In terms of work, in terms of any entertainment be it (Entrepreneurs require it too), the high resolution and the color depth, holds to provide everything at its best.
    Source - Micromax

  • Entrepreneurship demands to have style in your work.
    There isn't much debate about the style of work playing a major part of someone's inclination to success. And, being an Entrepreneur, letting down myself with slow speeds, low resolutions of life wouldn't help me define a better style for myself. Micromax Canvas P666's unique and sleek design would let me define my style better. 7.9 mm sleek design would surely motivate me to spend much more time on my work, that is, working on the tab itself.
    Source - Micromax

  • Entrepreneurship demands endurance!
    It isn't a surprise to know that to achieve milestones in your life, there are things you to need to do - Working continuously for hours is one such thing. But, it becomes a joy if you have a partner to support you with the same way - Hence with Micromax Canvas P666's long battery duration, I know for a fact that it won't disappoint me.
    With over 325 hours of stand by time, it can be my weapon and as a savoir in the times of my build up!
    Source - Micromax

  • Entrepreneurship demands to capture right moments.
    With Micromax Canvas P666's 5MP Camera and 1080HD recording by my side, I know that I won't be missing any right moments of my life, or my work. And for the times, I need to address myself - there is 2MP Camera in front too! Just the right partner for my job.
    Source - Micromax

but this is not all, there are ways to achieve my target with Micromax Canvas Tab P666, and I believe, its the courage, and the right motivation to get started, to achieve dreams. As we enter the new year, lets get motivated to achieve something new, something better and something worth the change.

You can have a look at the demo video by Micromax Canvas P666

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